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Victoria Hanna’s Mystical Take on the Hebrew Alphabet

Israeli vocalist Victoria Hanna has been singing since at least 2003, but there’s so little of her recorded beyond a few guest tracks and YouTube clips. We do know that she has more than a fleeting interest in the Hebrew language and its characters. She’s originally from Jerusalem but I get the sense she’s spent one too many nights in Tzfat breathing in that “mystical” air. (more…)

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Talking Music Marketing and Promotion with D.I.WHY Radio

This past Sunday I was invited into the WEMF’s D.I.WHY radio show. Hosted by Andrew “F-Word” Lowery of SHOP Productions, Meracula, and FORT! The Band, the show seeks to explore DIY methods, processes, and ethics as it pertains to the music business. The topic for this week’s show was “Promotion and How to be a Viral Internet Sensation.” Other guests included the folks behind the Boston Compass/Boston Hassle and the band Sexy Coyote. We discussed methods of promoting one’s band, being a part of a community, and making your music accessible. It was a really great conversation and I enjoyed learning from the other folks on the panel. We also enjoyed a live performance from Sexy Coyote. Listen below. (more…)

Throwback Thursday: Performing Max Romeo’s “I Chase the Devil” with The Hard Times

As a social media manager and blogger, Thursdays are a gift. There’s a widely known theme and I have no problem playing into it. In managing my band’s Facebook page, I have to be a bit creative as the band is only a couple years old, so we don’t have a treasure trove of photos and video for “throwbacks.” I’ve taken to posting video and photos of the band members’ previous bands and gigs. This week I dug up a photo of my old band The Hard Times performing in Brooklyn. The nostalgia struck deep. I hadn’t thought about how cool these parties were and how great the audience was in quite a while. (more…)

John Oliver State Legislatures

Me and My Shadow Government

It’s no secret that I love John Oliver. He’s brilliant, he’s funny, he makes me laugh, he makes me cry. That is, he makes me laugh as he reveals awful truths about our nation and government that make me cry. I somehow missed this gem from last November in which he discusses state legislatures. Unlike the senate and congress, these folks are getting things done, a lot. But, we have no idea who they are or what they’re doing. Spoiler: lots of them are awful people doing awful things in our name. John appropriately labels it a shadow government. Watch the segment below. (more…)

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Now Streaming: Balkan Beat Box Documentary “Look Them Act”

With little fanfare and almost no buzz, Balkan Beat Box released a short documentary on in 2010 entitled “Look Them Act.” The film is named for a track from their 2010 album Blue Eyed Black Boy. While the video’s YouTube caption notes the video, I was completely unfamiliar with it. As a fan, I do my best to follow the band on social media and I obsessively watch my local concert listings for their next local appearance (I’ve seen them 5 times and they’ve never once let me down. This is all to say I think I would have known about a DVD or documentary, online or on the merch table, but it was by chance that I even came across this film on YouTube. This is a brief, yet intimate behind the scenes look at what makes BBB tick. It manages to cram to so much into 28 minutes that it almost feels like a lengthy trailer for a feature-length documentary that has yet to be released. (more…)

Cover Art - The New Limits - Pressure Up

New Release: The New Limits’ “Pressure Up”

I am excited to announce that after almost a year of hard work, my band Boston ska band The New Limits has released our debut four-song EP entitled “Pressure Up.” The bulk of the credit goes to our keyboard player and engineer Matt MacLeod. He handled this recording from start to finish, from painstakingly positioning microphones to mixing. That is to say, he’s the guy who had to listen to these tracks over and over again. Mastering detail was handled by the skilled and talented King Django. Given how busy we all are with jobs, I am particularly proud of how great this EP came out. The horns shine, the rhythm makes me want to move, and I can’t ask for too much more. (more…)

do the pacman with less than jake

Get Out of My Head: #DoThePacMan

Every now and again a song gets so stuck in your head you have no choice but to exorcise it. Also, misery loves company, so now it’s stuck in your head, too. Sorry not sorry.

Thursday night I saw Less Than Jake at the House of Blues in Boston. Halfway into their set, they played a string of songs all sorter than a minute. One of them was their cover of a 1980s commercial for Pac Man cereal. This song appeared on their 2010 “TV/EP” release, composed entirely of covers of commercials and TV theme songs. It’s great. I really never gave it a listen and forgot what was on it. I mistakenly thought the Pac Man cereal ad was a new cover, as they announced it was going to be used as part of a new advertising campaign. As it was so short, they played it twice in a row. That was enough to get it thoroughly lodged in my head, occupying every inch of brain space in my skull. To further cement it’s location, they teased it during their last song of their set. (more…)