WHUS Playlist – 5/15/08

My apologies for the late update. The following playlists are from Thursday, May 15, 2008 from 2-5AM and from 8-10AM. This was my one and only stint on the 2-5AM slot, I will be taking the Thursday, 8-10AM slot permanently for the summer.

She Has A Girlfriend Now – Reel Big Fish
This Is Ska – Bad Manners
Pop the Trunk – The Aggrolites
Tailor – The Adjusters
The Sounds of Allston Village – Big D & the Kids Table
Rudies All Around – Hepcat
Mr. Pink – The Articles
Thing Of The Past – Eastern Standard Time
Take It As It Come – Mr Symarip
My Boy Lollipop – Coyabalites
Locked in the Chapel of Love – Easy Big Fella
Operazione Sole – Arpioni
El Clon……..2000 – Desorden Público
In The Water – Tomer Yosef
Rough Rider – The English Beat
The Prince – Madness
Reggae from the Ghetto – John Holt
Walking through Jerusalem – The Corporation
Nah Bodda Wid It – Sugar Minott
Rough & Ready – Deal’s Gone Bad
Sudden Destruction – John “Dizzy” Moore & The Skatalites
Contemplation – The Slackers
Give Jah All the Praise – Little John
Ransom The Senator – The Drastics
Underneath It All – No Doubt
Baby Dub – Victor Rice
Does He Love You? – Skinnerbox NYC
Interrupted – The Debonaires
Mad Hearted Woman – After Hours
Hardest Workin’ Man I Know – the Bluebeats
Explosive – the Planet Smashers
Hi and Lo – Cherry Poppin’ Daddies
Kinder Words – The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
End of the Night – Cherry Poppin’ Daddies
Done Wrong – Left Alone
La Pregunta – Left Alone
Get Up – Goldfinger
Won’t Be The Same – Dance Hall Crashers
Cupid (live bootletg) – The Slackers
Thrill Me Up (live) – The Toasters
Girl Take It Easy (live) – The Pietasters
Before Breakfast – The Expos
Stay With Him (Symarip cover) – Green Room Rockers
Angel And A Devil – The Gadjits
Dais Ce Que Tu Veux – The Busters
.Japanese Exchange Student – The Chinkees
Another Night – The Allstonians
Skankin’ To The Beat – Fishbone

Gene Ammons – New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble
Together Someday – Hepcat
What have I done wrong Open Season
Special Prosecutor The Adjusters
Underground – Coyabalites
Fat Soul – Skavoovie & The Epitones
Do It To Me Once – Easy Big Fella
Far Apart – The Positive Downside
This Is Me – Johnny 9 and the Racers
Doctrine Of Love – Fortunado
Foursome – Mephiskapheles
Faster Bullet – The Aggrolites
Happy Song – The Slackers
The Only One – Goldfinger
There Ain’t Nothin Like a Dame – Reel Big Fish
Missionary’s Downfall – The Planet Smashers
City City – Deal’s Gone Bad
Ska Reggae Hi-Bop – The Skatalites
Morning Sun – Spring Heeled Jack USA
Let Me In – Bim Skala Bim
Rescue Me – One Night Band
Work Song – The Slackers
I Can’t Work No Longer – The Bluebeats
Work to Do – The Aggrolites
Doki Doki Time – Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
Come Fly With Me – Skanatra
Lucky Girl – The Pepper Pots
Walk Away – English Beat
Call From Rio – Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
On My Radio – The Selecter
It’s You – The Specials
Change My Ways – The Pietasters
Don’t You Want a Man – The Slackers
Mustang Sally – The Gadjits

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