WHUS Playlist – 7/10/08

Sadly, this was my last show (this time around) on WHUS. I seem to have trouble staying away from UConn so I can’t see this as my last time working with the station. In addition, there’s no reason you won’t find me webcasting, podcasting, or doing a show at another community station in the future. The theme for this trip was centered more around music that was a big deal to me, thus I did not include as many new releases as I usually do.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in.

Thursday, July 10, 8am-10am
This Is Ska – Bad Manners
Doomsday – Mephiskapheles
The Prince – Madness
King Of Kings – Prince Buster & The Skatalites
Get Up Edina – Desmond Dekker
Telephone Breakdown – The Stingers ATX
Come On – The Busters
No Worries – Hepcat
Fishbowl Eyes – Go Jimmy Go
Keep It Simple – The Slackers
Cat Juice – Skavoovie & The Epitones
What Have I Done Wrong – The Open Season
Do It To Me Once – Easy Big Fella
Chaos – The Debonaires
Reggae from the Ghetto – John Holt
Mr. Misery – The Aggrolites
Lucky Girl – The Pepper Pots
Why Not – The Bluebeats
Feel Like Jumping – Bad Manners
Lost It – The Hippos
Eventually Anyways – Edna’s Goldfish
Walking on Sunshine – Ghoti Hook
Five State Drive – Less Than Jake
No Face – Suicide Machines
Mass Appeal Madness – Spring Heeled Jack USA
Tears Of A Clown – The English Beat
the New Version of You – Reel Big Fish
Hey! Woo! Yeah! – The Forces Of Evil
Thrill Me Up – The Toasters
Messin’ Around – Deal’s Gone Bad
It’s You – The Specials
Missionary’s Downfall – The Planet Smashers
You Gotta Go! – The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Brain On Ska – Mustard Plug
Venus Man Trap – Green Room Rockers

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