Across The Aisle Looking For Guitarist

NYC based ska/punk band Across The Aisle is looking for a new guitarist. Yes, I am still currently playing guitar, yes the departure is amicable. More details in the next post. Here is the full ad:

Hey! We’re Across The Aisle, a NYC-based ska/punk/reggae band. You can check us out at:,, and we’re also on Facebook & Twitter. Long story short…we’re looking for a new guitarist. The split with our current guy is completely amicable, and he’s actually gonna stick around and help with the transition.

Studio musicians looking to make an extra buck and persons under 21 need NOT apply (though ideally, we’re looking for mid/late-20’s). We need someone who wants to be IN a band, not play WITH a band and who can make it a priority/goal, fully committed. This hasn’t been the case with members in the past, and they’ve all fallen by the wayside.

We’re a really fun time, and we put on a great show (full set’s about an hour.) We looking into recording more this year, and we’re also playing a summer festival in July. If you’re diggin’ this, email Jay at the address shown. Also, if you’d got music files of you playing or anything up on a site, please include. Peace and madd love, -ATA

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