What My Bands Are Up To

Clearly, I’m terrible at keeping this site to up to date with any information, but if nothing else, I should be plugging and sharing information regarding all the bands I’m in. Isn’t self-promotion what Web 2.0 is all about?

Across The Aisle – Is gigging regularly in the NYC area. I will be leaving Across The Aisle, so if you’d like to play guitar for them, you should get in Touch with Jay. Contact me if you’d like to hear about my first experience and why you should totally be their new guitarist. As for me, it’s an amicable departure, I’m just unable to give ATA the time and thought that the project deserves. It’s been a pleasure so far, and I look forward to starting the circle skank pits at ATA shows.

Hey Stranger
– We finished recording 4 demo songs a few months ago and slowly but surely, the mixing is getting finished. You can stream the 2 tracks we have up so far at MySpace and download them for free at Purevolume. We’re also on Twitter. We have a few shows coming up, including the Make Music NY Festival on June 21. We’ve been writing a ton of new tunes so catch us when you can.

The Hard Times – The traditional skinhead reggae project in which I’ve been playing guitar has been dubbed (pun intended) The Hard Times. Our primary influences are The Upsetters and The Aggrolites, and our set is mostly instrumentals and covers, with a few originals here and there. We have a few demos which I’ll advertise as soon as it’s ready. This side project of mine includes a former keyboardist for The Scofflaws, drummer for the Defactos, bassist for The Duppies, this guy Sean on lead guitar, and I totally forgot what other bands he’s been in. We’ll be playing ska, reggae, and bar shows in and around NY when we’re not busy with the other things in our lives.

In the interest of talking about my favorite topic–myself–I’ll mention that since I’ve been here two other bands have asked me to join; one on bass, one on guitar. I had to respectfully decline, but, man, does that feel good. I told them I’d be happy to fill in if need be, so you never know where I’ll be popping up.

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