Deadly Dragon Sounds Reviews The Hard Times

Deadly Dragon Sounds had very nice things to say about The Hard Times. Yes, that’s me in the first pic, and yes that’s Roy Radics of Rudie Crew in the second pic and the video. The audience FREAKED when he joined us on stage for a few bars.

Next up was the band HARD TIMES.

These guys were NUTS!!! The band is totally instrumental and, at least to my untrained ears, sounded like a combination of Ska / surf guitar / early reggae with some fuzztone garage stuff mixed in!!! I don’t know what really to call it and since I don’t know the language of how to describe musicians and musicianship, let’s just say, it was super fun music played with a ton of energy and great vibe. At a certain point our man ROY RADICS of the RUDIE CREW jumped onto the stage with HARDTIMES and let loose a display of his DJ talents…flipping it inna UK / fast chat style that had me bawling for forwards!!!!


[The third picture is actually a video. Visit the original post for a video link. It’s worth it.]

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