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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hey Stranger Demo & Videos

I wanted to post some videos and a download link for a relatively new ska band Hey Stranger who plays shows in the greater NY / NJ area. They recently posted a 3-song demo that’s available for download at the following link through their Twitter site.

The demo they uploaded is catchy and kind of reminds me of the New York Citizens with a bit more of a pop punk influence and a Mustard Plug type feel with the horns. They sound distinctly 3rd wave with a heavy dose of pop hooks and sing along choruses. The best thing about the band is that you can tell they are having fun and it comes across in the music.

“Waited Out The Day” is probably the catchiest song on the demo. It’s more of a pop punk song than a ska song with more punk type guitar, but with the horns you’d expect from a ska song. “Pillow Talk” is also a good pop song if not a bit calloused and jaded with a more funky bass line. “Disaster” is more angry and maybe my favorite from the demo.

Check out a series of videos below. First, “Waited Out The Day”.

Second, “Disaster”.

Last, a cover of Natalie Imburglia’s “Torn”.

On another note October turned out to be a banner month for the blog! 8 total posts with 2 show reviews, an interview with an up and coming big time band in the Pinstripes, and some band profiles!

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