Good Press and Bad Pictures; Thanks Jersey!

I kid, I kid. Many thanks to Phil and the good people at the Jersey Beat for reviewing The Hard Times show at Asbury Lanes (VERY cool venue, check these pictures). I just sort of wish they’d left out the picture at the end of the article…

Full Article Here – Take The Ska Heads Bowling:

So, the next band, The Hard Times, is up. Again, a young band, early twenties, and I’m hearin’ an instrumental, dub reggae cover of a 70’s One Hit Wonder Bill Wither’s “Use Me Up!” Dang, where they came up with that one I don’t know, but a young band grooving on a cool funk pop number like that, is a beautiful thing! Most of The Hard Times’ set was instro originals and covers, but during one of the originals the lead singer started talking about having car troubles on the way to the show. It was an old-school ska type of toasting that was cool and infectious! “Sunday Morning” was a ska song that was bubbling over with hot swing overtones.

I have to chuckle at the “young band, early twenties” bit. I’m the youngest in the band, and certainly can’t be considered early twenties.

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