Jake Vs. Supercuts, Episodes 1 and 2

As anyone who knows me can tell you, I don’t have a lot of hair (less every day actually), and I like to keep what hair I have short, and almost military. I get my haircut not too often, and when it happens, it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to run clippers up the side of my head.

When I moved to Brooklyn, I needed a haircut in a hurry, and out of sheer laziness, I found a Supercuts. I’ve never been happy with most Supercuts, but they’re easy to find and sometimes the crapshoot that is a visit there ends in your favor. After a few stops there, I became complacent and continued to go there.

Episode 1

This past Sunday, after 2 months of my hair turning into a unruly mop top, I went for a cut. I called a head to reserve a spot, and after arriving about an hour later, found I had lost my spot because they only hold your name for 20 minutes. No big deal, these things happen. I was seated after about 20 minutes and was going to tell the hairdresser what I wanted. “use #2 clippers on the side, leave it a little bit longer on top, and keep it real clean cut.” Same thing I always say and I usually get an approximation of what I’d like.

Well, she basically clips the bottom couple inches of my head with the clippers, and then spends about 30 minutes snipping away at the sides and top of my head. I hate being told how to do my job, so far be it for me to tell other people how to do theirs. After 30 minutes, she checks in to ask what I think, and I honestly say that I would like it a little bit shorter. No problem she says, and continues to snip away. 30 minutes later, she stops to see what I think.

Let’s be honest, I’ve now been in the chair for an hour, waited 20 minutes, and there’s the time it takes me to travel to and from their Brooklyn Heights location (about 20 minutes give or take). I have so many other things to do, I’m getting fidgety, and I just need to leave. My hair is still too long on the sides (I have a huge head to begin with, the more hair, the bigger it looks), and I feel like criticizing the cut would just make me a bigger ass. I’ll give her the benefit of the do; maybe I was too vague in my description of what I’d like and made too many assumptions based on the results I got in all of my last visits. Truth is, I know my temper, and I needed to leave before I said something stupid or caused a scene. What can I say, I was antsy and unhappy. Better to remove myself from the situation. I pay and leave pretty miserable; time is precious, money is tighter, and haircuts are not supposed to be a source of stress in my life.

Episode 2

Midday Monday, I call Supercuts and explain that I was unhappy with my cut and that that evening would be the only time I could stop by. In my humble opinion, I was very polite, apologetic for the inconvenience, and sincere about just wanting to pop in to have my cut fixed. The woman on the phone was very receptive. I confirmed that they would be open until 9 and that the earliest I could get there would be between 7 and 8pm. No problem. I’m hopeful.

I roll up at about 7:30pm and let the person know who I am, that I’ve called, again in the most polite calm way I know how. I’m told that they won’t have enough time to get to me because it’s a busy night. Excuse me? Isn’t this why I called? You can’t take 10 minutes and a pair of clippers? I’d have done this myself if I had a pair. I get some excuse about coming back on Tuesday as it’s a less busy night and the person who originally cut my hair will be there and she can see what she did wrong.

The rest of my week was packed, I wouldn’t be able to make it back. As far as the person who cut it in the first place fixing it goes, I’ll admit I like the idea of learning from one’s mistakes, but there’s just a huge set up for some awkward moments there. Also, I already spent an hour with her, did I really need to lose another hour?

Episode 3?

At this point, my unhappiness with my haircut has turned into a customer service issue. They open up at 10 am tomorrow morning and I’ll be there waiting. I will be polite, I will be courteous, and I will be honest. I face the fact that it will have been a week since the original cut and I will probably just look like some schmuck trying to schnorr a free haircut. If it comes down to it, I will succumb to paying for a second cut, but for what I’m asking for, I shouldn’t have it. I can guarantee this will be my last Supercuts visit and have been recommended a few alternatives in Park Slope so I’m not concerned. It’s just the principle at this point. And the fact that I REALLY hate my haircut right now.

Supercuts is up 2-0. Tomorrow is game day.

One comment

  1. I appreciate your pain! I’m almost a discount hair cut guy and I’ve always good luck with Great Clips. They’re basically the same thing as Super Cuts and I’ve never had an issue.

    I ask them to clipper the sides although I can’t remember what length… I think they use a #4 then cut the top and blend to the sides and have generally always been happy.

    Best of luck getting it fixed.


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