Monumental Tracks Podcast Spins Hey Stranger

The good folks over at Monumental Tracks were kind enough to include us in episode 4 of their podcast series.


Episode 4: Interview with Dusty from Rude City Riot

In this episode I interview Dusty from Rude City Riot.  We chat about how they got started, the album they’ll be recording soon, and their plans for 2010.  This is also the first Enhanced version of the podcast with chapters, artwork, and links.

  1. The Valuables – Feel That Rhythm
  2. The Sandwiches – I Got “Band” from
  3. Ruder Than You – Give the People What They Need
  4. Rude City Riot – Don’t Go Away
  5. Kill Lincoln – Get Fucked 4 Eyes
  6. Red Team Blue Team – Glass Mountain
  7. Rude City Riot – Victoria
  8. Hey Stranger – Waited Out the Day
  9. Kudrow – Blink-182 Reunion
  10. Rude City Riot – 25 Years
  11. Captain, We’re Sinking – Crushed By Milwaukee’s Best
  12. The Slackers – Every Day Is Sunday
  13. Banner Pilot – Skeleton Key
  14. Dear Landlord – Last Time I Checked


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