Show Review in New York Waste – Fall 2009

Karol Khaos reviewed our 8/29/09 show at Fontana’s for the fall 2009 issue of the old school punk zine New York Waste.

Hey Stranger @ Fontana’s July 29, 2009

The night before my birthday I headed to Chinatown to see one of NYC’s premiere ska bands; Hey Stranger. I caught them at Trash Bar a month prior but was really looking forward to seeing them again sober. My friend Ayin and I drove down to Fontana’s and were impressed by the beauty of the place. The upstairs portion is huge with full bar, lounge and interesting photography and paintings prominently displayed. We sat below a huge black and white portrait of legendary Joe Strummer. Taking it all in, we ventured downstairs to the main stage area and was greeting warmly by Jacob Wake-Up! from Hey Stranger. We were introduced to a few other members of the band after saddling up to the bar for a couple of brews. Hey Stranger finally hit the stage and we were blown away by how many musicians there were! Ska bands always have a huge horn section. hey Stranger play a very hi-energy set with catchy upbeat tunes with an old-school flare. I was mesmerized by the horn section and wish I was a better dancer because it really got me going. Great vibe and and awesome crowd by Hey Stranger fans. They are definitely building a huge following around the NYC area. Please keep a lookout for these talented musicians. They give their music away for free so stop and be sure to check

I have to work on getting a scan of this as there’s no online version.

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