…is the amount of gigs I estimate I’ve played in my life. I’ve played 56 gigs since I moved to NYC in August 2008, which begins to make up for the 2 gigs I played between June 2006 and then. The bulk is roughly as follows (I didn’t really start keeping track until the Tap Out years).

Hey Stranger – 14
The Hard Times – 20
Across The Aisle – 17
Push To Release – about 25
Tap Out – About 104
Lost In The Shuffle – About 7
Stealing From Peter – About 8

And there are a bunch of one-offs in here (such as backing Hannah Fairchild, filling in for The Roland High Life, a TMBG cover band, The Silent  H) and the Hardcore Karaoke Pile-On Extravaganza shows that would be weird to count.

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have played all these shows, especially having never gone on a proper tour (save for an 11 date run with Tap Out in 2005). I’m psyched because I feel like there’s so many more to come.

(originally posted on my Tumblr page)

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