I Could…

I originally posted this on tumblr. And as I go to post this, I noticed that I have a handful of drafts of posts I started but never finished. The hell is wrong with me?

I have what I think are really cool ideas for stuff to blog about. Sometimes. Sometimes I think they’re such a good idea that I write them down. Most often I don’t. Most often I think “who really cares about this” or “2093432 other people are already writing about this.” But sometimes I think, so what, I care about me, so I should write about me, that’s what the internet is all about. Me.


I could review shows. I could talk about upcoming gigs I have. I should be writing about both my bands recording. I could write about what it’s been like to produce a record. How about the challenges of balancing adulthood with being a kid in a band. How about the overlap of between the type of stuff I do at work and the type of stuff I do for my bands. I could write about my cool new job and how it affects my my life. I could write about all the things that are wrong in the world that I think I have solutions for.

This blog is about blogging. I could write about the different ways in which people blog and publicly brainstorm solutions, figuring out ways in which I might blog more often. I could tell you all about how it’s important that I blog as my full time job may soon include more of it. Or how I want to inspire my bandmates to blog more often, so I should set an example.

We could even spend time talking about how I never write and now that I’m sitting down to write, I’m not actually writing about anything. Why not take this time to write about something meaningful.

I could. But likely won’t.

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