The Week[end] in Rock: 11/12 – 11/20

Fri 11/12 gig with Hey Stranger at National Underground. The venue treated us very poorly and barely had their shit together. Super Mirage was so good! We crammed in 6 songs before they through us out. It was basically a basement show with an overpriced bar, but great people stayed to watch.
Sat 11/13 gig with The Hard Times in strong island. Suprisingly cool crowd, lots of dancing, bittersweet send off for Juan (bassist leaving for LA). Got noticed as a CTSka Alum. Accidental EP release party for “Two Bucks For Bob.” Details to come. I’m so impressed how fast The Frighteners have created a crowd and a following for themselves.
Sun 11/14 recording with Hey Stranger out in Queens. I sat in the producer chair for day 2 of horn recording. Really proud of what we got done today, lots of energy from the players today. Here’s a video I snapped on the ol’ blackberry of our horns bustin’ their asses.

Will Be
Mon 11/15 last minute studio session with Hard Times. Just bass and drums, maybe some guitar, I may just be there for scratch work. Gotta get some riddims on record before Juan takes off.
Tues 11/16 practice with Hannah Fairchild, singer/songwriter for whom I played bass at her CD release party and will be joining again on Dec 3 at Bar 4 in Park Slope.
Weds 11/17 Reel Big Fish, Suburban Legends, and The Aquabats at Irving Plaza. I’m straight up giddy. Try to act surprised.
Thurs 11/18 practice with Hey Stranger.
Fri 11/19 shabbat dammit I need a night off. Hey Stranger maybe auditioning peoples with out me.
Sat 11/20 gig with Hey Stranger out in Garden City long island with great friends (and great bands!) Nix86 and Curious Volume! Had such a great time when we last played there. I’ll take all ages hall shows over this manhattan bar bullshit anyday.

I’d make a crack about sleeping when I’m dead but likely I’ll be too busy…

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