A Very Tristate New Years

Gigs in Long Island, NJ, Philly, Manhattan, and Brooklyn! Except… Connecticut! Why is so hard for me to play in the place where I’m from?!

My last post went on and on about The Hard Times so I’ll start with Hey Stranger.

Hey Stranger

We’re so damn close to finishing this record we started back in March. I’m very proud of the hard work and time we’ve put into this album. I’m personally proud of myself, given how much I usually loathe recording, just how much I feel I did well on the album. This is the first time on any record I’ve played bass, guitar and sang. I also spent many a day in the producers chair and sitting in on editing sessions. We’ve only got a few more backing vocals to lay down and then we can head to mixing and mastering. Many thanks to On Display and The Waffle Stompers for helping us out with a few of the shows we’ve got coming up.

Upcoming shows:

Thurs Jan 6, 2011
Vibe Lounge, 60 North Park Ave, Rockville Centre, NY (Strong Island!)
with Baxter Meets His Match, Filthy Ramirez, Out Shine (email us for tickets)
Facebook Event
Cancelled. I’m sure you’re totally heartbroken.

Fri Jan 7, 2011
Somerville YMCA, 2 Green St, Somerville, NJ
with On Display, The Waffle Stompers, Hiding Out Loud, End Of Discussion, More
Charity Show for the YMCA Strong Kids Program
Facebook Event

Sat Jan 8, 2011
Nitro House, 1221 S. 13th St, Philadelphia, PA
with On Display and the Waffle Stompers
Facebook Event

Sat Jan 15, 2011
The Trash Bar, 256 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY
with The Scofflaws, Tri-State Conspiracy, The Brooklyn What, and Eskarioka
Facebook Event
We were added TODAY. They like us over at trash bar.

The Hard Times

The new EP, “Two Bucks For Bob,” has been getting a great response! Songs from the EP have been spun on Ska’s The Limit and Roots Rock Rebel Radio. Duff Guide to Ska (a real review!), Marco on the Bass (a state of the scene featuring us and The Forthrights), and Absolutepunk all gave shoutouts. I just interviewed with The Flyover Ska Show (to be aired next week) and I’ve actually got another one scheduled. Who the hell am I? I couldn’t be more stoked about the way things are going. We’ve already tracked drum and bass for 5 more songs so there’s always more coming down the pike. We’ve got a gig backing Vic Ruggiero of The Slackers for a second time. The following weekend we’re playing a two day punk/reggae fest in Brooklyn that has both an English and a Spanish Facebook event. I think that’s pretty cool goddammit.

Upcoming Gigs

Thurs Jan 13, 2011
Otto’s Shrunken Head, 538 E. 14th St, New York, NY
with The Facts. We’re doing one straight up Hard Times set, plus a set with Vic Ruggiero
Facebook Event

Sat Jan 22, 2011
The Lake, 258 Johnson Ave. east of Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn, NY
with The Forthrights, The Facts, The Bluebeats, and a bajillion others
Facebook Event

Hannah Fairchild

While it started off as a “one off,” backing singer/songwriter (not in some lame-ass Sarah Bareilles kinda way, in the way that you can’t pinpoint this girl’s style) Hannah Fairchild has been such a fun and unique experience. She’s this super outside-the-box talented songwriter with a serious voice. It’s flattering enough that she asks me to back her on bass every now and again, but after the last show, she invited me to record on her upcoming record, which I’m really excited. It’s nice to feel like a serious bass player now and again.

Fri Jan 14, 2011
Bar 4, 444 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Facebook Event

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