[A Paragraph Daily] Accidentally Ergonomic: My Standing Office

My standing office at home is about 10% as cool as this.

With no intention or forethought, I find myself working at a standing desk at home. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a standing office, it’s really just my netbook on my dressers stuck in between my turntable and TV. But that’s just the thing: I put it here because it was the only convenient place in my modest tiny studio where I wouldn’t be tripping over cables. Turns out it might be good for me.

My officemate, after some back turmoil, converted her desk into a makeshift standing desk by putting the monitor and keyboard on a stack of books. I literally look up to her all day [zing!]. Turns out, she’s happier and in better shape because of it. We already sort of had an idea that sitting all day was bad for you (a former roommate used to complain that when she switched to a desk job from waiting tables, her ass got flat, among other complaints). Instead of getting up to walk around every now and again, my officemate sits down every now and again. Makes sense.

So here I am, standing at my dresser, finding it easier to jump to the stove to work on dinner (I can’t be bothered to get up and down from a chair!), and enjoying how nice it is to stand after a day of sitting. Should I make the change at work? I’m tempted. It’s bad enough my eyes are taking a hit staring at (2) monitors all day. I’m hoping biking to work a few times a week is going to counteract it.

Photo via shawnporter on flickr

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