Hannah Vs. The Many – “All Our Heroes Drank Here”

Listen to "All Our Heroes Drank Here"Last night I played bass for Hannah Vs The Many at Cake Shop for the CD release party for “All Our Heroes Drank Here.” This is the second release by Hannah Fairchild, but the first under the name “Hannah Vs. The Many.” I was privileged with playing the CD release shows for both albums. This was even more special because I actually played the record. The first album, “Paper Kingdom,” is very much an acoustic affair. “All Our Heroes Drank Here” really presents Hannah’s material the way it was meant to be heard.

Recording the album was a very cool process. Hannah had the vision and the feel, I just had to toss in suggestions for what the bass could be doing. It was also a welcomed departure from the reggae and pop/punk stuff that I’ve been somewhat (mostly intentionally) limiting myself to. This album has pop tunes, cabaret-punk, ballads, folk, and rock-n-roll and it all makes sense together on this record. One of the musicians from one of the other bands commented to me after the show that the songs really told a story, complete with characters and a plot. We played third and played to a pretty packed Cake Shop. People were into it and had nice things to say to us afterwards. I’m real proud to have been a part of the project and it felt great to really mark the completion of it in this way.

Stream and buy the album on bandcamp and download a b-side from the record for free.

Photo pilfered from Facebook

The other bands were fun, but made me feel incredibly unhip. Boy Girl Party played first and were this peppy, sing-along-y thing that reminded me of fun. But, I’ve only heard that one song by fun. So what do I know. (Most importantly, their drummer was the drummer for the now defunct NYC reggae band, The Equilibrians. Versatility.) Their last song was this great synth-pop jam (the live version had a synth where you hear the piano). Haley Bowery played some polished power-pop next. My girlfriend said she sounds like Liz Phair; I defer to her knowledge. I duggit. Closing the show was Toys and Tiny Instruments. They play music… using only what the name of the band implies. People were pumped about it.

I’d also note that this record is seeing some of the most press coverage of any record I’ve played on:

“gorgeously jangly, menacing, jazz-tinged powerpop…” 

Here’s the press release.

UPDATE 1/29/12: More reviews both good and bad!

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