[Reviews] Haters Gonna Hate

I played on the recently released record “All Our Heroes Drank Here” by Hannah Vs. The Many, discussed a bit more at length here. The record has been getting great reviews, which is really exciting. However, I get antsy when you only see good reviews. I think it doesn’t speak so highly for a publication if they’re only giving out good reviews; the reviews become meaningless. I appreciated the honest review the Hey Stranger record got from a publication that I’m confident actually knows the music.

So another good one came in the other day mentioning the band [via NY Music Daily]:

imagine a female Jarvis Cocker, or Aimee Mann in a really bad mood, with a harder-rocking band.

I play bass in that “harder-rocking” band. Nice! Thanks much. They even give us a shout out at the end (though I’m not sure why I didn’t get linked; I think I’m easy to find).

However, these guys hated the hell out of the record [via Everything but Urban]:

Sounds like a mash up of an over-done Glee episode and a high school musical theater production

Ouch! It goes on from there, too. But, at the end of the day, they gave it some attention. I only wished they’d have linked the record. I’m always curious which drives more traffic. Of course it’s a balance of what’s said and who’s saying it.

Personally, I’m not offended or worried. But, if they’re into “everything but urban,” one can’t help but wonder if they’re a little racist

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