My Friends Write Cool Things [Links and Things I Say You Should See]

Per my last link round-up post, I sporadically feel the need to share a series of things. Today, those things were all things created by people I know. You should know them, too.

  • Office neighbor, nearest daytime spiritual advisor, Director of Initiatives for Boys and Men at Moving Traditions, and Donkey Kong enthusiast, Rabbi Daniel Brenner asks whether men will stand up against the sex slave trade in Israel. This is what they call a “must read.” I appreciate being called out for all those times I breeze over a serious issue problem. [Moving Traditions, Huffington Post]
  • Former bandmate, one-time songwriting-soulmate, musician, and writer Thom Dunn saves you the trouble buy creating a guide to pairing your comics with your beer. I’m mostly shocked this didn’t exist previously, but glad someone filled the void. [Thom Dunn, Quirk Books]

Actually, that’s it for the stuff that my friends did but this stuff is worth reading, too.

  • Days after I’m tipped off to XKCD’s comic mocking the unsustainable use of the word “sustainable,” Jewish non-profit blog  eJewishPhilanthropy runs an article called From Innovation to Sustainability. I can’t say whether or not this applies to the secular no-profit world, but, allow me to sum up: for the past however many years, funders have been stoked on supporting great new programs and organizations. Now, the good stuff need funding to keep going. We need new programs like a moose needs a hat rack (new Jewish social networks, I’m glaring at you). [XKCD, eJewishPhilanthropy]
  • So I get a call from my mother saying that someone called our neighbor (that is, the neighbor of the house I grew up in) claiming to be me, and stuck in Peru with friends, had a mishap, and needs money. Sound like an email you’ve gotten? Color me spooked. I’m taking precautions and doing my due diligence, but remember, this shit happens to people [The Atlantic]
  • He gets points for association, but to be totally fair, I didn’t hear John Mayer’s voice on his duet with Tony Bennett. To be fair, I wasn’t watching the video, just playing it in the background. Turns out I should listen to more crooners at work. Also, why was Mashable covering this? [Mashable]

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