[Photos] Sandcastle Competition at Revere Beach

So a month or so ago my girlfriend and I took a trip out to Revere Beach outside Boston. As far as urban beaches go, we thought it was great: cleaner, less crowded, and easier to get to than Coney Island. Also, we went in the water. Can’t say I ever did that at Coney Island.

The weekend we were there, they were hosting a sandcastle building competition. The sculptures totally blew me away. I snapped shots of just about every design and they’re in the slideshow below (mostly, I just wanted to try out the wordpress slideshow function). What also struck me, was just how temporary the art was, and how volatile the process was. The final product only lasts until the next rain or strong gust of wind and you risk just as much while you build it. Crazy. Yet, artists poured hours upon hours creating. The attention to detail is  mind-boggling.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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