Five hours on a bus to Boston

I find myself on an evening Greyhound bus ride from New York City to Boston. I spent today and yesterday in the Hazon New York office training my successor (I hate the word “replacement,” we’re different people with differing skill sets. Replacement isn’t fair to either of us). Today was also my last day face to face with my coworkers. I’ve got two more days of work with them but it will be out of my cube in Boston. Besides being a productive day, the staff gave me a formal send-off laiden with warm-fuzzies (and thoughtful parting gifts including a bike jersey I had my eye on and a sweet multi-tool for bike tinkering). We also happened to spend a piece of that day’s staff meeting studying a few words of Talmud which was particularly nice. My work day ended with a very honest and productive exit interview which I only wish I had every other place I ever worked.

Before you get too wrapped up, I should note I don’t necessarily plan to go anywhere with this post. I intended to write in my NYC Moleskine notebook but the bus ride is way too bumpy. I just wanted/needed to write. It’s safe to assume this will be somewhat filtered but still genuine.
I’m using the android wordpress app which isn’t terrible. I finally picked up the samsung captivate. Yes it has a qwerty keyboard and yes I know they’ll disappear at some point. I figured this was a good transition phone. I’m struggling a bit with the keyboard but I think it’s only because I’ve spent the last 4 years using those tiny blackberry keyboards (which I struggled with when I first got so here we go again).

Oh right, so I’m in this massive stage of transitions. I got my first smartphone (the blackberry) a month after I moved to NYC and I switched to android a few months after moving to Boston. That itself is uninteresting but it reminded me of the significant changes. Less the new phone, more so the new city, new home, moving in with my girlfriend, reconnecting with boston friends, leaving bands, finding new musicians, leaving one job, and hunting for a new one. It all feels great though. They were all good changes at the right time and for the right reasons. Sure job-hunting sucks but it’s the best of circumstances. Most of the changes have happened over the past 3 months but today felt like the real milestone with all the closure.

I’m in a good place but I have a lot of work ahead of me. But I’m finally feeling the burst of energy that generally accompanies newness.

Oh and the semi-panic that will come with making October rent!

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