Marketing WIN: OoOTie Teaches Me to Tie a Bowtie and I Immediately Buy One

OoOTie Boston Purple Husky Bow Tie

Why yes that is a husky. Who ever said I didn’t have school spirit?

It’s a real treat to live walking distance of the SoWa Open Market in Boston’s South End. If you’ve never been, it’s one part farmer’s market, one part crafts fair, one part flea market, and one part food truck meetup. This past Sunday was the first one of the season and we were excited to shop. While perusing the crafts fair, a couple guys in one booth invited us to learn how to tie a bow tie, something I’ve never done before in my life. Like any great teacher, they demonstrated, they let me try it myself, and they did it without being condescending. Turns out, it’s not much harder than tying a necktie.

Naturally, they were more than happy to show me their selection of bow ties for sale. Having just learned how to tie one, I was excited to buy a tie right then and there. Education marketing at its finest. As their website says, “OoOTie (rhymes with bow tie) makes it easy for everyone to buy bow ties.” It was much easier to feel comfortable spending money on an article of clothing once I knew how to wear it. I ended up buying the purple one you see. It’s also nice to support local businesses whenever possible.

Once we got home, I wanted to rehearse tying a few times so I wouldn’t be fumbling in the morning before work. Of course, I couldn’t quite figure it out. Fortunately, their website is as friendly as the guys I met at the market. Waiting for me were instructions on tying a tie hosted by Boston University’s Dean of Students, Kenn Elmore and one of OoOTie’s founders. Piece of cake:

I can’t wait for the next time I have to rent a tux for a wedding. You won’t see me wearing one of those clip-on bowties that never sit quite right.

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