Introducing The New Limits, Boston’s Newest Ska Band

A handful of interesting things happened in the summer of 2012. Hey Stranger, the pop-punk/ska band I was playing in called it quits. I left The Hard Times, the early reggae band I was playing in. My girlfriend and I were talking about moving in together and she was looking to move to Boston for work. I had resolved that my next band was going to be a ska band. This is nothing new, except, it was entirely new. I had been playing reggae, but not ska, and since high school, I’d been playing ska-punk and pop-punk, but not ska. I really wanted to play some traditional ska, dammit! But, I also didn’t want to be limited to that. I really admired bands like Mad Caddies that played ska, punk, reggae, rock, and their own brand of dixieland inspired ska/punk. They were a single band playing a variety of sounds under the same musical umbrella. I wanted to do the same. I wanted to play many things  under the ska umbrella: traditional ska, two-tone/second-wave, rocksteady, early reggae, dirty reggae skinhead reggae, and more. The only thing I didn’t want to do was ska-punk, and not because I don’t like ska-punk, but because it’s all I’ve ever done and I needed a break.

Before I was able to assemble a new band in New York, we moved to Boston. The first person I called was my friend Kosta who had played trumpet for Tap Out, my punk/ska band from college. He was in a similar place, musically. He had been playing guitar in a punk band, wanted to pick up his trumpet, and wanted to play some ska. We started jamming and songwriting in about September of 2012 and by April of 2013 had pulled together a new band and set of music. Our first gig was May 1st and our second was May 24th. To date, I’ve written the majority of the songs that we’re playing but that will soon change. I’m incredibly proud of this project.

We’ve gotten as far as recording two demos right in our practice studio. Those two are on soundcloud below. The two videos were recorded at the two gigs we’ve had to date.

Like us on Facebook, follow us on Soundcloud, Twitter, and Tumblr. Our next show is Friday, July 12th at Club Bohemia/Cantab Lounge in Cambridge.

The New Limits – “I’ll Never Listen” – 5/24/13 – MIT

The New Limits – “Valerie” – 5/1/13 – Radio Bar, Somerville

Fun fact: I first performed “I’ll Never Listen” solo in February 2011. Also, this is not ska.

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