It’s Not Just Ignorant, It’s Outdated

When you make a racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive joke, you sound ignorant. Sometimes we can anticipate it from older folks. But I’m always caught off guard when I hear it from my peers or those younger than me (I’m 30). It just sounds dated. I often think to myself, “You’re young enough to know better.”

I’m not the only one. At the Comedy Central Roast, there must have been quite a few jokes made at the expensive of indian-americans because Aziz Ansari starts off by talking time machines:

After the Jeff Ross bit he notes how ridiculous the jokes made at the expensive of gay people.

Humor can still be low brow. But when you have to take down an entire group of people to get a laugh, you sound ignorant and… well… old. And you’re just as guilty if you’re laughing at those jokes.

h/t Racialicious, I didn’t actually watch the roast.


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