That Time I Got To Interview Spring Heeled Jack USA

shj interview youtube screenshot

It pretty hard to completely turn off “fanboy” when I interviewed two members of seminal Connecticut ska/rock band Spring Heeled Jack USA. You should know before the interview started, I had them sign my copy of Songs from Suburbia and gave them a copy of the article I’d written about them in 2006. We continued talking long after the interview. I asked them directly for songwriting and performance advice and they were real sports about the whole thing.

To back up, Kevin Davila and I had talked about doing video interviews. With the upcoming SHJUSA show in Boston and the realization that one or more of them might be living in Boston, I decided an interview was worth trying to make happen. Save for the scheduling challenges, it came together pretty easily. It was easy enough to talk tunes with a band I knew plenty about. Being my first time doing anything like this (at least on camera), I think my greatest weakness was my desire to talk too much. This wasn’t about me. There was also a band playing in the room we were interviewing but I’m not sure there was much to be done about that.

I’m real proud of this. Take a moment to watch some of the interview.

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