Admitting I Took Productivity Advice from Seinfeld

Admitting I Took Productivity Advice from Seinfeld

Of the handful of goals I’ve set for myself in 2014, one of them was simply to blog more, be it for this blog or for boston ska (dot) net. I’m using skitch to easily cross off the days I blog because I need the gratification of checking something off. I hate to admit it, but I found myself motivated after reading about Seinfeld’s productivity secret on Lifehacker. I’m reluctant to admit it because I both dislike Seinfeld, and I’d sooner pretend I don’t read Lifehacker on a regular basis, yet, here we are.

I can’t deny that it feels great to give myself a big X every day and then to look back and see how many times I’ve written.

I blogged 10 days in January. That’s just under 1/3 of the month. Now I’ve got a goal for February: either blog more than 10 days or more than 1/3 of the days in the month. We’re going for frequency here, not words or number of posts on a particular day.

(This post didn’t count. Too meta for words. (Pun intended)).

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