This Is the City I Moved to

Throughout college, Boston was “my city.” I traveled up to Boston from UConn at least once a month for concerts and to visit friends. For spring break of my last year of college, I spent the week exploring and job-hunting in and around Boston. I was convinced Boston was my next step. At the time, I was dedicated to making the effort to work in the music industry. My plan was move to Boston–where I had friends and knew the city–and then move to NYC where I knew there would be more industry work.

Well, it didn’t quite work that way. After graduating, I worked for Hillel for a year in Tucson and then a Year in Storrs, CT. Boston was still on my radar. A friend of mine suggested we move to NYC. So, we did. And I made NYC my home for 4 years. In Summer of 2012, my partner took a job in Boston, and of course I followed her here. And you know what? Boston was right there waiting for me with open arms. I connected and reconnected with friends, the sights, and the music, the bars, the scene, and the city. I love living here and I’m proud to call it home. It’s not perfect, there are certainly those things I would change, or things I occasionally miss about NYC, but Boston feels like the city that’s going to grow with me.

So, I know it was the meme-du-jour, but I really dug this time-lapse video of Boston created by Sean Collins of BodhiFilms. To the best of my knowledge, he’s not a native Bostonian, just someone who appreciates a beautiful city when he sees one. So kudos to him. Sure it was very limiting, and only showed just a small slice of the 23-neighborhood city, and sure he picked some Brit band for the tune (there’s some irony there, probably), but overall, he really showcases a city I think that is often overlooked for its… looks.

h/t bostinno

More thoughts at boston ska (dot) net.

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