That Time I Interviewed Big D and the Kids Table

Jacob Wake Up! And Big D and the Kids Table

New York was pretty good to me. I played some really great shows with some really great bands to include some of my heroes and influences. But, Boston is giving NYC a run for its money. This past weekend I got to interview Boston ska/punk legends Big D and the Kids Table. This was a band I used to open for on a fairly regular basis between ’03 and ’06 while playing in my CT-based ska/punk band Tap Out.

This past Saturday was a reunion of sorts. They played their 1999 record “Good Luck” start to finish and welcomed back to the stage quite a few past members. I ran into new and old friends which just added to the reunion vibe. I had the good luck (pun way intended) of talking to them before their set. They were just the nicest guys and we had a really great chat about the band, their history, the story behind the reunion, and what was next for the band.

“This is a time machine. Enjoy the ride!”

Marc Flynn spoke these words with an air of disbelief as Big D and the Kids Table started their “Good Luck” set at Paradise Rock Club this past Saturday. Time Machines take us back and that’s exactly what that evening did for the packed audience. It was very much a night of reunions and our interview with three members of Big D—former and current—really set that tone. We were fortunate enough to sit down with Dave McWane, lead vocalist and frontman, Marc Flynn, valve trombonist and vocalist, and Alex Stern, guitarist. Dave has been with the band since it’s formation, Marc left in 2003 but appears on their recent “Stomp/Stroll” release, and Alex has been on board for the last three years. This musically intergenerational group made for different perspectives and very candid, honest conversation. Anyone listening closely to Dave’s lyrics would expect no less. We talked about the impetus for the reunion, the “Good Luck” era, recording then versus recording now, and what’s coming up next for Big D.

Head to Boston Ska (dot) net for the rest of the interview. It was a ton of work and one of the longest pieces I’ve written in a while, but it was well worth the effort (so analytics assures me).

All photos taken by Kevin Davila.

Jacob Wake Up! Interviews Big D and the Kids Table


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