do the pacman with less than jake

Get Out of My Head: #DoThePacMan

Every now and again a song gets so stuck in your head you have no choice but to exorcise it. Also, misery loves company, so now it’s stuck in your head, too. Sorry not sorry.

Thursday night I saw Less Than Jake at the House of Blues in Boston. Halfway into their set, they played a string of songs all sorter than a minute. One of them was their cover of a 1980s commercial for Pac Man cereal. This song appeared on their 2010 “TV/EP” release, composed entirely of covers of commercials and TV theme songs. It’s great. I really never gave it a listen and forgot what was on it. I mistakenly thought the Pac Man cereal ad was a new cover, as they announced it was going to be used as part of a new advertising campaign. As it was so short, they played it twice in a row. That was enough to get it thoroughly lodged in my head, occupying every inch of brain space in my skull. To further cement it’s location, they teased it during their last song of their set.

Here’s the original commercial. It’s eighties-tastic, it’s got a corny dance, and the song is catchy to begin with.

Here’s a compilationg of adorable children doing the same dance at variation locations in the UK, this time to Less Than Jake’s version. This is apparently variation on the 30-second version that appears on “TV/EP” that was made just for this campaign.

And lastly, here’s a recording from their performance in Boston this past Thursday.

Do you hate me more or less than you did prior to reading this blog post?

Footnote: Fanboy Fail

It wasn’t until I went back and listened to TV/EP that I realized Less Than Jake covered the “Malcolm in the Middle” theme song. This is significant because that song was written and performed by They Might Be Giants. Given how big of a TMBG fan I am, and how much I’m into LTJ, it’s sort of embarrassing that I never realized there was an LTJ cover of a TMBG song. I wonder if they’ve heard it. Listen to the full EP below. The Animaniacs, Different Strokes, and Scooby Doo theme song covers are particularly good. “Malcolm in the Middle” hits at the 3:50 mark.

** Do I get credit for writing this piece with out using the word “earworm?”

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