New Release: The New Limits’ “Pressure Up”

I am excited to announce that after almost a year of hard work, my band Boston ska band The New Limits has released our debut four-song EP entitled “Pressure Up.” The bulk of the credit goes to our keyboard player and engineer Matt MacLeod. He handled this recording from start to finish, from painstakingly positioning microphones to mixing. That is to say, he’s the guy who had to listen to these tracks over and over again. Mastering detail was handled by the skilled and talented King Django.¬†Given how busy we all are with jobs, I am particularly proud of how great this EP came out. The horns shine, the rhythm makes me want to move, and I can’t ask for too much more.

It’s also exciting because I wrote half the songs on the EP, which percentage-wise is the most I’ve ever contributed to any recording from a writing perspective. “Pressure Up” actually started out as a riddim I wrote for The Hard Times but we never quite got to use. I added some lyrics and Kosta Zavras (who played with me in Tap Out) helped figure out the Horns. (I’m considering putting together a post of every demo of that riddim and tune to show it’s evolution from idea to song.) “Compass” was written top to by bottom by our singer and trumpet player Matty C. “Saturday Morning” started out as a horn lick written by our trombone player Brad Hewitt. Matty C took care of lyrics and it came together pretty naturally. “You’re Not Ready” is another one of mine. To be fair, the horn hook idea I had was much more boring than what we ultimately perform, thanks to Brad again for turning it into something special.

You can listen and purchase the album on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Google Play. iTunes, Amazon, and a physical release are soon to follow. Do let me know what you think of the record in the comments!

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