Throwback Thursday: Performing Max Romeo’s “I Chase the Devil” with The Hard Times

As a social media manager and blogger, Thursdays are a gift. There’s a widely known theme and I have no problem playing into it. In managing my band’s Facebook page, I have to be a bit creative as the band is only a couple years old, so we don’t have a treasure trove of photos and video for “throwbacks.” I’ve taken to posting video and photos of the band members’ previous bands and gigs. This week I dug up a photo of my old band The Hard Times performing in Brooklyn. The nostalgia struck deep. I hadn’t thought about how cool these parties were and how great the audience was in quite a while.

In the video below, we’re performing the  the Lee “Scratch” Perry/Max Romeo classic “I Chase the Devil” in January 2011. I did not know this song prior to joining the band and one of the other bandmates picked out the track as a cover. I was equally surprised that the crowd knew the song as well as they did! As said, Big Tune.

We did not have a steady singer, but around that time we were regularly joined by Elizabeth Goffe. We begged her to join as our regular singer but she had bigger plans. Watch the video below taken by Steve at Duff Guide to Ska.

Compare our performance with the original.


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