Victoria Hanna’s Mystical Take on the Hebrew Alphabet

Israeli vocalist Victoria Hanna has been singing since at least 2003, but there’s so little of her recorded beyond a few guest tracks and YouTube clips. We do know that she has more than a fleeting interest in the Hebrew language and its characters. She’s originally from Jerusalem but I get the sense she’s spent one too many nights in Tzfat breathing in that “mystical” air.

Last month she released a video for her song “Aleph-bet.” Shalom Sesame this is not, and frankly it’s less hoakey than the version we had to learn in Hebrew school. If we were jamming to this I might have been a little more excited to go. The video below is bizarre, creepy, and downright hypnotic. Most importantly, the song is pretty catchy with a beat provided by percussionist Tamir Muskat of Balkan Beat Box.

I take it back, that Shalom Sesame tune wasn’t half bad!

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