My Guest Appearance on Mutiny on the Microphone Podcast

Mutiny on the Microphone is a podcast that features music from the New England area. I listen regularly and I always walk away learning about a new band or two that I want to check out. Host Adam Blye adds his commentary and helps fans stay connected to the bands. He often has guests on his show to include band members, other area bloggers, and folks involved with the local music scene. I was his most recent guest as part of the partnership between Boston Ska (dot) net and Boston Scene Party.

We spent an hour talking ska music, particularly what’s up with the Boston ska scene, and some of the area bands that have had an impact on me. This is a great place to start for those just looking to get a taste of what’s happening in the ska scene in the Boston area.

Head to Mutiny on the Microphone to listen! You can also subscribe directly to the podcast from Podomatic. We had a ton of fun recording this and I’m hoping to get invited back to talk tunes.


  1. Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Hell Of A Hat
  2. Bim Skala Bim – 8 Track Mind
  3. The Allstonians – Homeward Bound
  4. Kings Of Nuthin’ – New Scenery, Same Situation
  5. Westbound Train – Come & Get It
  6. Big D & The Kids Table – What I Got
  7. Screw-Ups – Watch Yourself
  8. Stray Bullets – New Prisons
  9. Alex Stern – Praise For Them
  10. The Copacetics – Versions Coming
  11. The New Limits – Saturday Morning

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