WTF Is Ghost Voting?

Voter suppression irks me in ways I can’t describe. John Oliver makes me smile in ways I can’t describe. I look forward to weekly clips from Last Week Tonight on YouTube and the season has started up again. Joy! 

In the clip above, John rightfully debunks claims of voter fraud (something I’ve gotten into before), speaks to individuals effected by Voter ID laws, and even digs up some fun clips of law supporters basically showing how racist they are on camera.

What’s new to the discussion is the topic of “ghost voting” which takes place in state legislatures. Essentially, state representatives will vote for their desk-mates (or basically anyone they can) throughout the day. Some of these state representatives who are in support of Voter ID laws–the ones who care so deeply about integrity–are the ones voting for their neighbors! It’s crazy. They just running around tapping buttons. It looks like a game.

Last Week Tonight pulled a few clips from a local news report that can be found in full below. It’s just wild.

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