Fascists Say the Darndest Things!

How funny would it be if we woke up in a fascist regime?

But seriously, this is your colleague/bandmate/friend/son/cousin/nephew/grandson, the Jewish one, asking you to vote for Hillary. She’s the candidate with a chance of defeating Trump (and the one with, you know, a résumé). For those who have had the privilege of voting for a candidate in any election that wasn’t problematic in some way, kudos, I’m jealous.

More importantly, I’m scared. I’ve stayed quiet and that’s not okay. To many, I owe an apology for not speaking out. We’ve already seen how a this candidate’s campaign alone has made life worse for so many. I can’t fathom how awful life will be under fascist leadership. Actually, I take that back. We’ve seen this before.

And yes, this is exactly the same thing I posted to Facebook

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