WATCH: The Interrupters Perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live

This post originally appeared on Boston Ska (dot) net

Apparently I’m now just an Interrupters fan blogger, truth be told, the band is having a great year. They’ve released their third album (read an in-depth review here), released a few music videos, traveled with Warped and Punk in Drublic festivals, seem to be getting interviewed in Billboard, and generally can’t be stopped!

Last night they performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Long gone are the days where TV was one of the few opportunities to see your favorite band perform live outside of going to a show. And yet, there’s still something endearing about seeing a band perform on late night TV. I spent most of middle school and high school staying up late just to see who the musical guests would be on Letterman, Leno, and Conan.

More importantly, there was always a chance I’d see someone I hadn’t yet heard of. I’ve fortunately had plenty of chances to see The Interrupters put on a great live show. However, I’m guessing many of Kimmel’s viewers had never heard of them and this was a great opportunity for national exposure.

Last night the band performed “Take Back the Power” from their self-titled debut release and “She’s Kerosene” off the new record, Fight the Good Fight; I didn’t stay up last night but I’m presuming only one was aired on TV and it was the new single. The band looks a bit starstruck and not their usual loose, confident selves as I’ve always seen them. It’s pretty endearing to think that this might have been a special moment for them.

The Interrupters – “Take Back the Power” – Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Interrupters – “She’s Kerosene” – Jimmy Kimmel Live

The band was just in town for Punk in Drublic and will not be on the MA Warped Tour stop today but my blog will let you know when they’re back in town.

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