Learning Adobe Premiere Rush

My full time job is on the administrative staff of The Clubhouse Network (the corporate side, of sorts). On Saturday, I was helping support staff on the member-facing side (the retail side, if you will), The Flagship Clubhouse. While spending time with members and mentors, I was charged with creating something. The space places an emphasis on creating, not consuming. Additionally, we use the words “mentor” and “member” because everyone is a student. Everyone should be learning at any given time.

I had wanted to experiment with Adobe Premiere Rush and I needed to collect some B-Roll for ongoing video marketing needs. Today served both purposes. I very easily pulled this video together in Rush using stock audio from Motion Array. I spent most of the time shooting the B-roll over the course of the afternoon. Once I chose the stock audio, moving through the edit in Rush was fast and painless. Rush is great for projects where Premiere Pro is overkill but iMovie isn’t enough.

It’s worth noting that Rush crashed while I was working. When I opened Rush back up, I was able to pick up right where I left off, despite not having saved my work.

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