When One Virus Reveals Another

I can’t stop thinking about this 2012 tune by UK band Sonic boom Six called “Virus.” Far be it for me to tell anyone what a song is really about but here goes.

It’s NOT about a medical virus. It’s about all of society’s ills and failures–and our participation and willful ignorance is the sickness. Here we are with a real honest-to-god pandemic that’s just exacerbating and shining a spotlight on all of these societal failures. “No one is immune or fit to defend.” We are wholly unprepared to deal with the medical virus and we’re sure as hell unprepared for the ripple effects it will have on every other aspect of our lives.

It’s like the nurse that’s working a twelve hour day.
It’s like the thirty-five grand for a bottle of champagne.
It’s the multinationals avoiding their taxes while they’re raising VAT for bailing out all the banks.
It’s like the kid that’s smashing up the Cash Converter.
The bonus for the bosses of the corporate merger.
The way we call a quarantine for everyone else and never even realise we had the virus ourselves.
And I’ve seen, no vaccine, only the writing on the wall.
White Blood cells inside our system don’t work at all.
And I’ve seen, no vaccine, only the writing on the wall.

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