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Five hours on a bus to Boston

I find myself on an evening Greyhound bus ride from New York City to Boston. I spent today and yesterday in the Hazon New York office training my successor (I hate the word “replacement,” we’re different people with differing skill sets. Replacement isn’t fair to either of us). Today was also my last day face to face with my coworkers. I’ve got two more days of work with them but it will be out of my cube in Boston. Besides being a productive day, the staff gave me a formal send-off laiden with warm-fuzzies (and thoughtful parting gifts including a bike jersey I had my eye on and a sweet multi-tool for bike tinkering). We also happened to spend a piece of that day’s staff meeting studying a few words of Talmud which was particularly nice. My work day ended with a very honest and productive exit interview which I only wish I had every other place I ever worked.

Before you get too wrapped up, I should note I don’t necessarily plan to go anywhere with this post. I intended to write in my NYC Moleskine notebook but the bus ride is way too bumpy. I just wanted/needed to write. It’s safe to assume this will be somewhat filtered but still genuine.

[A Paragraph Daily] The Therapeutic Value of Manual Labor

It often comes as a surprise to my friends and coworkers that I really enjoy manual labor. I spent the better part of high school and college breaks stocking shelves and washing dishes at a mom-and-pop deli. After college, I had a few months before my first professional position began, so I joined the produce department at a supermarket, stocking shelves, wrapping produce, and generally throwing vegetables around. I love it. I also found the longer I have a desk job, the more I really appreciated that time and opportunities to just life things. (more…)

[A Paragraph Daily] Accidentally Ergonomic: My Standing Office

My standing office at home is about 10% as cool as this.

With no intention or forethought, I find myself working at a standing desk at home. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a standing office, it’s really just my netbook on my dressers stuck in between my turntable and TV. But that’s just the thing: I put it here because it was the only convenient place in my modest tiny studio where I wouldn’t be tripping over cables. Turns out it might be good for me. (more…)

[A Paragraph Daily] When It’s Too Cold to Ride My Bike

Sunday, I ran most of my afternoon errands by bike. Turns out, I like biking in the cold weather…mostly. I layered up, wore gloves, and biking around warmed me up. I got a little over-zealous and decided to ride to work today. Bad idea. It was ten degrees colder, and that’s all it took.

"Bicycling in the Winter" from The Urban Country

I love baclava! But what's it got to do with cycling?

My cute new pair of texting gloves with the fingertips cut out were useless. I had a nice chill by the time I got the Manhattan bridge, where winds were so cold and fierce I had to pedal to go downhill. I was frozen by the time I got to work. Thankfully, we have a gym in my office adn I thawed out before I got to my desk. I’m likely lucky I didn’t get frostbite in my fingertips (is that a real thing or just something our parents said could happen?). (more…)

[A Paragraph Daily] The Inevitably Hyped New Year’s Eve

The past few years, I’ve gone out of my way to make sure my New Year’s Eve partying has followed a few simple rules:

  1. Takes place in Brooklyn (where I live)
  2. Has no absurd expectations set around it (no “blowouts”)
  3. I can walk home worst case scenario (you try getting any form of public transportation home in NYC on New Year’s Eve)
  4. Has cool people (this is not to be assumed) (more…)