Across The Aisle

Upcoming Gigs with Across The Aisle

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I’ve got a handful of shows with Across The Aisle coming up in NY and Mass., including Ska Splash, Feb 22, at The Highline Ballroom, with The Toasters, Westbound Train, New York Ska-Jazz, Hub City Stompers, and Dave Hillyard and The Rocksteady 7, only $15 in advance and ALL AGES!

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Lucid Culture LOVES Across The Aisle

Yet, another shout out from the good folks over at Lucid Culture. They included Across The Aisle in their new weekly featured Top 10 Song List.
5. Across The Aisle – Beer Song
Characteristically fun, upbeat, tongue-in-cheek ska from this tight, catchy crew recently relocated to New York from Boston.
Now I may still be the new guy, but I don’t think ATA was ever a Boston resident.