It’s Like Riding a Bike

The following originally appeared as my third post for AlefNEXT and also appeared on Hazon’s blog. I spend a lot of time thinking about how Judaism frames and guides all of my decisions, how the physical connects with the spiritual (however defined), and how I like to both pat myself on the back when I’m living my values, and call myself out publicly when I’m not.

When did bike-riding as an adult become a “thing?” One moment I was riding around the suburban Connecticut neighborhood where I grew up, the next moment I was old enough to drive, and my bike was rust. Now that I’m in my late 20s, it’s a “thing.” I don’t necessarily mean a thing as in a trend (though it’s clearly trendy in some spheres). I had to get a bike, a helmet, get a lock–because how is it ever going to fit in my tiny Brooklyn apartment–and learn to ride in traffic–to work! Let’s not forget that I was not even a particularly athletic kid to start. Energy and endurance are at a premium now.

And what’s so Jewish about biking? (more…)