[Reviews] Haters Gonna Hate

I played on the recently released record “All Our Heroes Drank Here” by Hannah Vs. The Many, discussed a bit more at length here. The record has been getting great reviews, which is really exciting. However, I get antsy when you only see good reviews. I think it doesn’t speak so highly for a publication if they’re only giving out good reviews; the reviews become meaningless. I appreciated the honest review the Hey Stranger record got from a publication that I’m confident actually knows the music. (more…)

Hannah Vs. The Many – “All Our Heroes Drank Here”

Listen to "All Our Heroes Drank Here"Last night I played bass for Hannah Vs The Many at Cake Shop for the CD release party for “All Our Heroes Drank Here.” This is the second release by Hannah Fairchild, but the first under the name “Hannah Vs. The Many.” I was privileged with playing the CD release shows for both albums. This was even more special because I actually played the record. The first album, “Paper Kingdom,” is very much an acoustic affair. “All Our Heroes Drank Here” really presents Hannah’s material the way it was meant to be heard. (more…)

Pre-Thanksgiving Jitters [Links and Things I Say You Should See]

This could potentially be the first (but will likely be the last) of a weekly/monthly/annual/once-ly link round up! I felt like there was a handful of cool things going on in the past week and sharing them all on twitter just wasn’t cutting it. (more…)

I’m Big in Baltimore, Likely Bigger In Japan

Richie Frieman writes for PensEyeView, a website that features an interview and profile of a different band every two days. These bands can be signed, unsigned, somebodies, nobodies, anybody. Richie was kind enough to feature many of the bands I worked with while I was at Rock Ridge Music. Like anywhere else, you talk to someone enough, and there’s a certain amount of banter that comes along. Soon after PEV covered OTiS, a band I’ve been working with independently, we got into a conversation about me what I was up to. Upon finding out that I used to work for Hillel and had recently accepted a job with Hazon, he offered me the chance to interview with him for his blog Tuned In for the Baltimore Jewish Times.

The full blog entry can be read here. He calls me a “magical multitasker.” Not sure I’d go that far but certainly appreciate the sentiments.

The whole affair caught me a little off guard. For all the interviews I’ve set up, I don’t know that I’ve ever been interviewed to this extent. I have to say it was a pretty cool experience though I don’t think I come off as nearly as exciting as any of the musicians for whom I’ve arranged interviews.

I do have to say I think it’s way cool any time my jewy life and music life interact or overlap. Look at Richie, who writes for these two different publications. I’ll also say that as much fun as it is to be in the background and be thanked by the people you work with, but it’s also nice to be in the limelight now and again and the public appreciation in this article feels great.

Duff Guide To Ska Reviews Hey Stranger

The great people over at Duff Guide To Ska had some great things to say about Hey Stranger‘s recent set at The Knitting Factory at the last Version City Party. Be sure to visit their site for a wide range of news from the ska world, not just in the NYC area.

Hey Stranger delivered a great set of their tight, high-energy ska-punk-pop tunes. Clearly, they were having a blast on stage and so was the audience, which seemed to be heavily stacked in their favor. Trombonist Ginger Hale (“heartthrob” according to their MySpace page), the most uninhibited and irrepressible member of the band, may have had the most fun of all (and his performance was strangely riveting–notice how in the videos I shot that I usually placed him in the center of the frame…).

They also snagged some great video clips! (more…)

OTiS Coverage Round Up

For the past month I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Brooklyn based Rock.Soul.Groove act OTiS. They recently celebrated the release of their debut self-titled album. The album will be released digitally on March 16 via, Emusic, and iTunes.

The Round Table Online included OTiS in their “Makin’ It” feature.

Rock NYC teased the new album and previewed 2 of the bands upcoming performances.

7duckets¬†gives a nice walk through of the album, track by track, and previews the bands’ CD release show.

Music Matters in Brooklyn will be carrying copies of the CD.

Their MySpace page has a clickable banner as well as an updated bio. already has audio previews of all the entire album.

A press release will be serviced this week.

Their very successful CD release party took place on Friday, February 26 at Sullivan Hall in the West Village of Manhattan, selling an unprecedented amount of Tshirts and CDs and an unprecedented audience filling the room.

OTiS on MySpace / OTiS Homepage / OTiS on Twitter

Haitian Orphanage Benefit Link Round-Up

I’m so excited for this event. Many thanks to the following blogs for helping get the word out:

The Round Table Online

7 Duckets Web Blog

Rock NYC Live And Recorded

The Duff Guide To Ska

Musical Occupation

Rebelde Radio

Press Release and Information.

The Kids Helping Kids / Performing Artists 4 Haiti charity event organized to benefit the victims of the Haiti earthquake will take place at the Bowery Poetry Club on Sunday, Jan, 31st, 1-6pm. (more…)