moving to wordpress (from Blogger)

Let’s be real, wordpress is where it’s at. Slowly migrating over. Plus it gives me another excuse for never updating.

Tips for a smooth transition? Similar layouts to the one I use now at blogger?


What My Bands Are Up To

Clearly, I’m terrible at keeping this site to up to date with any information, but if nothing else, I should be plugging and sharing information regarding all the bands I’m in. Isn’t self-promotion what Web 2.0 is all about? (more…)

Ska Splash with Across The Aisle, Hey Stranger Begins Recording

Big ska show coming up with Across The Aisle. Check the flyer (not my best work, but certainly not my worst). Discuss over at NJSka.com, and Join the Facebook event. Also, check out recent pictures of ATA from a recent gig at the Worthen in Lowell, Mass. Follow ATA on MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. PLEASE swing by our page at Earn It Yourself and help us get on Warped Tour 2009.

Hey Stranger began work on a 4 song record this past weekend at Hot Sound in Brooklyn. Drum tracks and bass are done, the rest should be done by early March. Be the first to friend Hey Stranger on MySpace or follow us on Twitter. Check in for pictures from our first shoot with Cristina Manas.

In other news, I began working part-time at Rock Ridge Music in Newark, NJ. I’m an assistant to the General Manager but so far I’m learning a lot and the people I work with are great.