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AlefNEXT Guest Blog: “Italian-Jewish for the Holidays”

The following is a cross-post of a guest blog I had the privilege of writing for AlefNEXT. The original post can be found here.

Via the about page:

Q. What is Alef? A. Alef: The NEXT Conversation, is a web-zine which explores Jewish identity. From memoirs on “Why I Eat What I Eat” to a soul-searching narrative on serving jury duty during the High Holidays, to a travel piece on a Passover Seder in Ghana, Alef showcases the diversity of Jewish identity through stories, pictures, poems, music, and more. Alef is published by Birthright Israel NEXT.

My blog entry was part of a series of what it means to be Jewish and growing up in an interfaith family during the holiday season. One of the other blogs that I really enjoyed was “Kosher For Christmas,” it’s a great read. Those looking to contribute to this blog should read this.


Upcoming Gigs with The Hard Times – The Slackers Holiday Show!

I have to admit, it’s a thrill to be participating in a annual event I used to travel from CT to see. The Slackers Holiday shows are like nothing else. There are special guests, songs they don’t play year round, and it’s just a very special vibe. The first time I went, they were joined on songs by members of Hepcat, The Pietasters, and The Stingers ATX. Last year they played a reggae version of Little Drummer Boy, their version of the Dreidel Song, and Santa Clause is coming to down in a very swing/ska style. Last year, Sammy from The Forthrights dressed up as Santa and gave out gifts while Vic, the keyboardist and songwriter for the Slackers, told stories. The list goes on…

This year, The Hard Times will be opening the first of their 2 nights at the Brooklyn Knitting Factory. I’m amped.

Slackers Holiday Shows Flier