paradise rock club

Crazy Things Happen in Boston Music

One of the many reasons I continue to see live music as often as I can is the possibility that something out of the ordinary will happen at the particular show I attend. While there will always be the bands that perform a song exactly as it was recorded, I love seeing how bands put new spins on their music live, how new musicians in bands perform, or how a particular audience will react on a particular night. (more…)

Pauline Black of The Selecter Inspires Me

You can read my full review of The Selecter’s appearance at Paradise Rock Club in Boston at But the piece I really want to highlight here is just how inspired I was after walking away from the set. I’ve seen lots of bands and I goto lots of shows. Many of them are a very good time and a select few of them are a really amazing time. I often walk away energized to make my own music. Pauline Black left me in awe of what a performer can be. She was an actress, a singer, a conductor, a dancer, and a part of the audience all at once.

Pauline Black of the Selecter