The Ska Scene Has An Obligation to Fight Racism

Our legacy and professed values demand action.

This post originally appeared at Boston Ska (dot) net.

Following the election, I was among the many who found themselves paralyzed. I was fluctuating through my own journey of anger, fear, and sadness, but also reevaluating the role of this blog. It seemed tone-deaf to simply post a record review or a YouTube clip as I might on any other day of the week. I began where I always do when I’ve got a free moment to write. What are bands doing? What are they up to? What do they have to say on the matter? (more…)


It’s Not Just Ignorant, It’s Outdated

When you make a racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive joke, you sound ignorant. Sometimes we can anticipate it from older folks. But I’m always caught off guard when I hear it from my peers or those younger than me (I’m 30). It just sounds dated. I often think to myself, “You’re young enough to know better.”

I’m not the only one. At the Comedy Central Roast, there must have been quite a few jokes made at the expensive of indian-americans because Aziz Ansari starts off by talking time machines: