[A Paragraph Daily] When It’s Too Cold to Ride My Bike

Sunday, I ran most of my afternoon errands by bike. Turns out, I like biking in the cold weather…mostly. I layered up, wore gloves, and biking around warmed me up. I got a little over-zealous and decided to ride to work today. Bad idea. It was ten degrees colder, and that’s all it took.

"Bicycling in the Winter" from The Urban Country

I love baclava! But what's it got to do with cycling?

My cute new pair of texting gloves with the fingertips cut out were useless. I had a nice chill by the time I got the Manhattan bridge, where winds were so cold and fierce I had to pedal to go downhill. I was frozen by the time I got to work. Thankfully, we have a gym in my office adn I thawed out before I got to my desk. I’m likely lucky I didn’t get frostbite in my fingertips (is that a real thing or just something our parents said could happen?). (more…)