Admitting I Took Productivity Advice from Seinfeld

Admitting I Took Productivity Advice from Seinfeld

Of the handful of goals I’ve set for myself in 2014, one of them was simply to blog more, be it for this blog or for boston ska (dot) net. I’m using skitch to easily cross off the days I blog because I need the gratification of checking something off. I hate to admit it, but I found myself motivated after reading about Seinfeld’s productivity secret on Lifehacker. I’m reluctant to admit it because I both dislike Seinfeld, and I’d sooner pretend I don’t read Lifehacker on a regular basis, yet, here we are. (more…)

I Could…

I originally posted this on tumblr. And as I go to post this, I noticed that I have a handful of drafts of posts I started but never finished. The hell is wrong with me?

I have what I think are really cool ideas for stuff to blog about. Sometimes. Sometimes I think they’re such a good idea that I write them down. Most often I don’t. Most often I think “who really cares about this” or “2093432 other people are already writing about this.” But sometimes I think, so what, I care about me, so I should write about me, that’s what the internet is all about. Me.


I could review shows. I could talk about upcoming gigs I have. I should be writing about both my bands recording. I could write about what it’s been like to produce a record. How about the challenges of balancing adulthood with being a kid in a band. How about the overlap of between the type of stuff I do at work and the type of stuff I do for my bands. I could write about my cool new job and how it affects my my life. I could write about all the things that are wrong in the world that I think I have solutions for.

This blog is about blogging. I could write about the different ways in which people blog and publicly brainstorm solutions, figuring out ways in which I might blog more often. I could tell you all about how it’s important that I blog as my full time job may soon include more of it. Or how I want to inspire my bandmates to blog more often, so I should set an example.

We could even spend time talking about how I never write and now that I’m sitting down to write, I’m not actually writing about anything. Why not take this time to write about something meaningful.

I could. But likely won’t.